Tustin: J fish revisited 

J Fish is a sushi and poke place in Tustin, California.  About 6 months ago, Karen and I went there during their soft opening, and really enjoyed the food.  Since our last visit, the restaurant added some items to their menu. Poke - Bento Menu 2017

New to the menu are grilled meat items like chicken and fish, a bento box option, and they added a self service poke toppings bar, so that you can enhance their already beautiful poke bowl.

I really wanted to try their grilled meat item, but ended up getting their signature poke bowl with 1/2 sushi rice and 1/2 salad.  There’s plenty of poke places all over Orange County, but JFish is still one of my top favorites for freshness and presentation.  Thumbs up again.



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