Santa Ana: Thai Way 

This little mom n pop restaurant is located off Harbor and McFadden — hidden in a strip mall behind a McDonald’s.  I was heading back to work from Huntington Beach, needed a place on my way back to Santa Ana, and this place was about 10 minutes away.

Thanks to Yelp, I was able to view the menu and noticed they had a lunch special. So I called my order in, and asked what the difference was between the Pad Thai lunch special ($6.95) versus the a la carte version for $7.95. The difference was portion (of course) and the lunch special had a salad and rice. Considering I was already having a carb filled noodle lunch, I decided to pay a buck more, skip the rice, and go for the a la carte portion. The man said it’ll be ready in 10 minutes, and hung up.

I arrived 15 minutes later, and it was ready for pick up. The restaurant is tiny, with about 7 tables, and on one table was my order. (The box was heavy!) I added a Thai Iced Tea to go, and my bill came to $11 and change. While I was getting my money out, the man went to fill my iced tea… I wish I saw how much ice he gave me, because when I tried popping in the straw, it felt like it was 99% ice. Hence, the 4 stars for not being generous with the tea, especially at almost $3 for a cup.

When I got back to my office, I was very surprised at the quantity of the food. I had enough for 2 or 3 meals. I offered some to my coworker, and still had a tub of food leftover. Well worth the $7.95.


Many Thai places serve their Pad Thai with just a faint orange ting. I’ve always like my food with lots of color, and this place did the job. As one Yelper said, your food really does look like the photo. The bright orange noodles were nice and chewy, and very flavorful. Plenty of chicken, but not a lot of egg or bean sprouts. That was a bit disappointing.

Aside from my skimpy filled tea, I can’t find fault to this place. As I said, it’s tiny, so get there early or get the food to go.

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