Palos Verdes: Bashi at Terranea Resort

You know how you start your review “I really wanted to give them 4 stars….”? Bashi is located in the 2nd level of the main house at the Terranea Resort. To the old timers, this was once the home to Marineland, a Sea World type theme park, which housed killer whales, dolphins, etc.,  so the property is quite large, and the view overlooks the cliffs of Palos Verdes Peninsula.

I made reservations so some classmates and I can celebrate our 30 years reunion from PVHS (Go Sea Kings).  The reservations was ready as promised, and the setting was great.  Our table was right at the window, so we could see the pool and ocean.  Excellent. Our server was excellent, and checked up on us regularly. So really, no fault there.

Well, maybe it was sticker shock?  Outrageous prices for just average Asian food. Yes, its a resort, but I would expect better quality food. For one thing, the fish is farm fresh, not wild. Why should we pay $19 for a tiny bowl of poke and none of the fish choices (you only get 1 fish choice) of tuna, salmon or yellowtail are wild caught.

Our server said the portions are “sharable” for 2, but some of the dish offered a toddler could finish it.  So for me, spending over $300 for 7 people meant expecting more or better, regardless if this is at a hoity toity resort.

Here’s what we ordered. Beautifully presented, but I really expected “more”. Be sure to get validated to get 1/2 price on parking.