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Santa Ana: Taqueria de Anda 

My former coworkers wanted to have lunch, and thought this place would be an ideal meeting spot since I worked in downtown Santa Ana.  Located just outside the downtown area, in a hidden spot off 4th Street, is this taco joint that serves up tacos and burritos. Fortunately, they have plenty of parking and is open 24 hours.

While they do offer a salsa bar, its only limited to 2 types of sauces: red and green, and a bowlful of chopped limes.  No pico de gallo, pickled veggies or such out. Perhaps if you asked for it, they may give it to you, but we saw no one else eating radish, carrots or such. The tacos may look tiny but they are meaty, and 3 tacos did fill me up.  My friend had their burrito, which she inhaled, and my other friend had rice and chips. Their horchata is machine made, and was overly sweet.  Overall, it was just ok, but a quick way to grab something for lunch.



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