Santa Ana: Bari’s Pasta and Pizza

I work in the courthouse in Downtown Santa Ana.  There’s plenty of places to eat lunch nearby, from the food halls off 4th street and 1st street to the mall to up and down Broadway and Main.  I can even get food at the Courthouse cafeteria (if I am really desperate).  So why vouch for Bari? eace962a-4bb2-43b6-a16c-e8bd832bfb83

First, THEY DELIVER for $3 (with a $10 minimum). If you’re lazy like me, who wants to lose a perfectly good parking spot in the garage? Second, its pretty reasonable. They have lunch specials starting at $8.99 and it includes soup or salad and a drink.  They even have a pizza lunch special: 2 slices with a drink, or get some coworkers together and chip in for a large.

That’s what I did. We have a vegetarian staff member in the unit, so we opted for a large Marguerita pizza, and that came to 10 decent sized slices.  With tax and delivery fee, it came to $22 and change. I gave the guy $26 with tip. img_3145

The pizza was still hot and gooey, and they gave us plates, napkins, peppers and cheese (I did request them).  Overall not bad, and I’d order it again.

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