Fullerton: Chicken University

Fullerton has a lot of KFC’s… that’s Korean Fried Chicken restaurants. Korean fried chicken differs from typical American fried chicken because it is fried twice and the skin is therefore crunchier and less greasy. The chicken is usually seasoned with spices, sugar, and salt, prior to and after being fried, then hand-painted with sauce using a brush in order to evenly coat the chicken with a thin layer. Pickled radishes and Korean style coleslaw is typically served with the fried chicken.

Chicken University recently opened, and I stopped by to try out this KFC.  It’s located in a strip mall off Orangethorpe, east of Magnolia near a Subway and a Harley Davidson shop and Mexican chicken place, Don Pollo.

I called ahead for my order, and the owner (I am assuming) said it will take 15-20 minutes for my food.  The place is dimly lit and not very big, with maybe 10 tables.  My order was just being bagged when I arrived. If you check into Yelp, you can get a free soda with purchase, so I also got a free diet coke.

The chicken was crunchy on the outside, tender and juicy inside. I chose not to have any sauce, and it was still flavorful and delicious.  My total for the 8-piece chicken wings (that also came with the Korean coleslaw and pickled radishes) came to $11 and change. Thumbs up to this place.

They also have lunch specials and Happy Hour specials.photo4