Anaheim: Jo Wan Noodle House

Jo Wan Noodle House is located off Euclid and La Palma, where the La Palma Chicken House used to be. It got decent reviews on yelp, and one reviewer said it is food of Chinese origin from people who were raised in Korea, or HwaKyo. This is not to be confused with Korean people who has a Chinese restaurant. My family gathered here for dinner on a Saturday night, and it was not busy at 7:00.

The menu had a hodgepodge of different Chinese dishes, and some Korean fusion dishes. My sister wanted chicken wings but I think the woman said they were out, or didn’t recommend them, and suggested the fried chicken in chili sauce. We added the potstickers, sugar and vinegar pork (which we discovered was sweet n sour pork… another fried dish), eggplant, Mongolian beef and house chow mein, which was hand cut noodles.

We were given picked cabbage and kim chi, which is the Korean banchan, and the pot stickers came out first.  They were huge, the size of empanadas… easily a meal in itself.

The “sugar and vinegar” pork came next… or sweet n sour pork, and the chow mein.  I didn’t care for the pork, but the noodles were nice and chewy.

The fried chicken was not a hit.  It was big chunks of chicken, battered, fried and topped with an almost Thai chili sauce… but not all were filets of chicken.  Stephen had a bone in one piece, and cartilage in another.  I am not sure what I had, but there was a crunch in my bite.. which I am assuming it was bone as well. The Mongolian beef was ok, but you could tell they used a lot of corn starch to tenderize it.  My brother in law ordered the eggplant, and there was plenty left on the platter at the end of the night.

Overall, the food was decent.  Portions are big.  I am not sure how much it was (my dad picked up the check) but if I were to go back, I’d skip the chicken and the pork.. maybe stick with the noodles (hence the name Jo Wan Noodle House?) and their dumplings.  We didn’t get fortune cookies but kumquats… which I am guessing was an upgrade by the restaurant and no one appreciated.



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