La Mirada, CA: Oh Mama Kitchen

After a wonderful meal at Chicken University, I decided to track down other ‘KFC’ places in my Korean dominated community. I stumbled upon Oh Mama Kitchen on Yelp.

This little (no, really it’s tiny) restaurant is located off Rosecrans and Beach, behind the Polly Pies. It’s nestled between a Christian bookstore and another retail place, which strikes me odd to have a café here.  When you walk inside, there’s a refrigerated area to get sides such as pickles, salads and soups, for your banchan.  There’s a handful of tables, but most people seem to take the food to go.

The menu is not a true representation of what they have, as while I was picking up my food, they were serving “secret menu” items that looked delicious, but obviously meant for customers in the know. Pity.

I ordered my fried chicken at 5:45, and it was ready at 6:15, piping hot. The 12 pieces of chicken wings came to $14 and change, and unlike Chicken University, where the wings came with a small side of the daikon radish and a cabbage salad, Oh Mama just gave the radish. However, the wings at Oh Mama were plump and juicy… where Chicken University were smaller. Overall, I would have to say that I could overlook not getting the cabbage salad, and switch to Oh Mama for my KFC fix.

Categories: Asian, Food, Southern Cal