Something Different

The Amazing @AcroCats (

I stumbled across this circus of cats on Facebook.  My pet-sitter tagged this event, and they still had tickets for the North Hollywood show on Easter Sunday.  I was able to get 3rd row seats at a bargain price of $37 a piece (plus any theater refurbishment fees, etc.).

My sister and brother in law joined Stephen and me at this comical, whimsical circus of cats.  Cats, of course, are not people pleasers like dogs.  They take coaxing.. well, bribery is more like it.  We were told to lower our expectations when it came to the circus tricks.

Stephen wasn’t impressed that some cat performers didn’t want to follow directions and needed chicken bites to perform.  Well, that’s a cat for you.  However, those who did perform were absolutely adorable.  And, the entire “cast” were rescue cats from shelters from across the United States.

For tickets, go to or follow them on Instagram at IG: @Acrocats