Happy Earth Day 🌍

It’s Earth Day, April 22nd to be exact. Unfortunately we can’t do normal things, like go out with friends or family. We’ve been in self containment for a little over a month. It feels so much longer.

On March 15, California’s Governor Newsom implemented a Stay at Home order.

On March 22 all non-essential businesses were shut down, many with resistance. Social distancing becomes part of our language, as is washing our hands for 20 seconds.

We are learning new habits to help keep us safer.

On April 10, Los Angeles county requires all residents to wear masks if they leave the house. Many business are selling essentials, including masks to help people, and to keep their business afloat.

We don’t know when this COVID-19 pandemic is going to end. People who are anxious to get things back to normal are protesting and they think it’s a hoax by the government. All we know is that it affects the respiratory system and kidney. It’s not the flu. It’s worse.

If we can all be on the same page, we can get back to normalcy. It starts with knowledge and if you’re infected. Once you get tested, and don’t come into contact with someone else who is infected, we can get it back to a plateau. Flattening the Curve is what it’s called, because we don’t have any other choice.

Be safe. And if you don’t want to stay home, please don’t be selfish by thinking that you’re not going to get it.

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