Tri Village Restaurant, Irvine

My family is not the most traditional when it comes to Chinese customs. The chinese new year was on February 3 or 4 (I forget what date) and we finally found time to meet for dinner.

We went to a little place in Irvine, off Jeffrey & Trabuco called Tri-Village restaurant. Its right next door to Kohl’s and it truly is a “hole in the wall”. There’s a total of maybe 10 tables, and most patrons take their food to go.

They serve Northern style chinese food like pan fried dumplings, or the juicy pork steamed dumpling with the thick dough (which we got). In addition to the dumplings we ordered the sesame pancakes, tea smoked duck served with steam buns, chinese five spiced shrimp, steamed chicken (served chilled), green beans with minced pork, and the shanghai rice cakes, which is a rice type noodle.

This is an excellent little place, and kudos to my sister for finding it.

Green beans with minced pork
Tea smoked duck with steamed buns
Juicy pork steamed dumplings
Sesame pancakes
Shanghai rice cakes with veggies
The pan fried dumplings (aka potstickers)
Chinese 5 spice shrimp
Steamed chicken
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