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Portland: Edelweiss Sausage Co

Last day in Portland and we were going to travel along the coast, before heading back toward Washington. We stopped here to pick up sandwiches, so we could eat them on the road. Located off Powell and 12th, behind an Arco gas station, this little piece of Germany […]

Portland: Reel M’ Inn Tavern

Whaaaa?? A 5 star review to a dive bar?  After a long day of sightseeing, and getting lost finding Mount Hood (don’t laugh), we made our way back to our Bed and Breakfast.  We weren’t terribly hungry, but I knew we should find a place that was open […]

Vista House at Crown Point 

We were in Cascade Locks and didn’t realize that we overshot the exit to Vista House. Lucky for us, we found a Ranger’s Station and she handed us a map directing us to exit 22, and the E Historic Columbia River Highway, past the general market and to […]

Cascade Locks: East Wind Drive-In

I don’t recall how we discovered this quaint road side diner… but I do recall seeing a photo of travel show Samantha Brown holding this massive soft serve ice cream cone, and commenting she was visiting the Portland area. This place is located about 15 minutes from Multnomah […]

Bridal Veil, OR: Multnomah Waterfalls 

We drove about a 45 minutes outside Portland to view this famous waterfall. There’s 2 routes to use: the East Historic Columbia River Highway, or on the I-84 is a parking area. We arrived a little bit before 11:00 AM, and found parking along the highway, off exit […]

Portland: Paul Bunyan statue

Our first stop after leaving Pine State Biscuits was the Paul Bunyan statue.  This attraction is free. That alone makes this a worthwhile stop. Located at 8433 N Interstate Ave, behind a Wells Fargo bank, and across the street from The Dancing Bare (as in nude) is the […]

Portland: Pine State Biscuits 

The bed-and-breakfast we were staying at did not provide us with a sufficient breakfast, as we needed something more substantial since we were going to be burning off calories exploring the areas outside Portland. The Pine State biscuits was located less than 2 miles from our B&B and […]

Portland’s famous Voodoo Doughnuts 

We had such a late lunch, we weren’t hungry for dinner.  It was approaching 8:00 pm, and I suggested skipping a proper dinner for Voodoo Doughnuts instead.  I didn’t hear any complaints from Stephen or mom, so we googled the address and made our way to the famous […]

Portland: Evermore Guesthouse 

If you’re looking for the Ultimate Bed and Breakfast experience, with the gourmet chef and Laura Ashley linen.. this is not the place.  Think of this as a place where a friend of a friend lent you their house key, told you to just let yourself in, sleep […]

Portland: Frying Scotsman food cart

After we picked up my chicken and rice at Nong’s Khao Man Gai, we heading down the street and to the left to find the Frying Scotsman, a fish and chips cart. The cart is owned by a Scotsman, and while friendly, he wasn’t very chatty.  He helped […]

July 2013: Oregon Bound! 

We’re heading up the coast to Oregon, Washington, across the state to Idaho and Montana, before heading back to Washington.  For the first few days, Stephen and I will be traveling with his mom to Portland before dropping her off in Tacoma so she can spend time with […]