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Pioneertown, CA: Pappy & Harriett’s

Pappy & Harriet’s Pioneertown Palace is located near Joshua Tree National Park and is the only bar / restaurant and music venue in Pioneertown, California.  We had dinner reservations at 7:00 on the Sunday before Memorial Day… and good thing we did! Without a reservations, the wait time […]

Fullerton: Seoulmate’s Taco Tuesday

This tiny restaurant used to be the old Cajun Swamp crawfish restaurant.  Now, it’s a Korean-Fusion place serving up sliders, tacos, burritos, chicken wings… and beer.  It  is located in downtown Fullerton, across the road from the old Knowlwoods/ Old Spaghetti Factory, off an alleyway sandwiched between Commonwealth […]

Santa Ana: Kebob Place

My original lunch plan was to try the new Irenia located next to the Rags newspaper stand, but apparently they don’t bother to post on the door they’re NOT open for lunch on Tuesdays.  So we walked around the corner and spied Kebab Place, located across the street […]

Whittier: Arturo’s Puffy Tacos

A week ago, I tweeted I was craving “Gringo” style tacos for Taco Tuesday. One of my followers asked if I ever tried Arturo’s Puffy Taco (or simply Puffy Taco) in Whittier. I replied that I had not, and was going to save it for the next “taco […]

Brea: Slapfish

Slapfish used to be a food truck and I’ve been following this sustainable fish restaurant from day 1.. The original Slapfish is in Huntington Beach, but it was quite a trek to go down there for a bite to eat. Then, the restaurant expanded to 3 more locations […]

Rowland Heights: Man Chan Cuisine

My quest for Hainan Chicken around Southern California continues.  Last week, we found Chop Chop Grill, a Singaporean hidden gem in Walnut.  This time we found another hidden gem in Rowland Heights, located in a non descript, tiny strip mall off Colima. Man Chan means “dinner” in Cantonese, […]

Persian food at Peris, revisited

Persian food is probably one of my favorite comfort food, ranked up with American fried chicken, and Mom’s cooking.  Ok, there’s tons of other food that I love, but Persian food does rank pretty high. One of my favorite places is Peris Restaurant in Hawaiian Gardens, where I […]

Yelp Event: Lunch at DönerG

My first Elite Lunch event!! I’ve always wanted to check out a Yelp Elite Lunch event but they were too far or my schedule never allowed it.  I’ve been to the other Doner G location in Anaheim (off Ball and State College), and love the food and the […]

Orange: Pepito’s  Taco Tuesday

I was craving gringos style tacos for Taco Tuesday. Pepito’s, located down the street from the Outlets of Orange, where the City Drive meets Memory Lane, fits the bill. They have street tacos with meats from Carne Asada, Carnitas, shredded beef and shredded or grilled chicken, and they […]

4th Street Market, revisited

The 4th Street Market is located a few blocks from downtown Santa Ana.  For the government employees like me, we get only an hour lunch break.  This location is perfect if you need to meet up with other government employees, who don’t necessarily work at the same agency […]

Tour the Sriracha Factory

If you’ve ever eaten at an Asian restaurant, whether it’s Korean, Vietnamese, Chinese or maybe even Japanese or Thai, you’ve come across this familiar red bottle: the Sriracha Chili Sauce, the one with the rooster and the green cap. The factory is located in Irwindale, California, and they […]

Westwood: Saffron and Rose Ice Cream

After a garlicky seafood dinner at the Boiling Crab at the Westwood Village, we stopped here to cleanse our palate with some Persian ice cream. This place is minutes from the Village off Westwood Boulevard, and parking can be tough. After circling the area to find parking, we […]

UCLA: The Boiling Crab

These so called “Crab” places have been popping up everywhere, but the Boiling Crab is one of the originals, and sort of like the Starbucks of the “seafood in the bag” restaurants. The original Boiling Crab is in Orange County near Little Saigon off Euclid, where the wait […]