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Hotels (or AirBnB) that I’ve stayed in

Las Vegas: Caesar’s Palace

December is probably the best time of the year to visit Las Vegas. For one thing, it’s not scorching hot!  The weather is actually quite cool, even as low as 47 degrees, and the high is a nice comfortable 67 degrees.  For Californians, that’s winter! So every year […]

Edinburgh, Scotland: AirBnb

Typically when I travel, I like to stay in boutique hotels.  Lately, I’ve been noticing my friends taking advantage of AirBnb’s, so I made my first reservation in Edinburgh.  The other AirBnb was booked by Yvonne, and it was her first experience, too.  We both liked the affordable […]

Las Vegas: Planet Hollywood 

Las Vegas… I’ve lost count on how many times I have been here. I usually visit every other month, and I am by no means a “high roller”.  I do use the casino’s “players card” when I do gamble and get plenty of free stuff.  For this visit, […]

Leavenworth, WA: Abendblume Inn

Stephen and I stopped in Leavenworth about 2 years ago, and really loved the quaint German feel that this town had.  It truly reminded us of our visit to Germany. For this visit, Stephen wanted to spend more time here, so we decided to spend the night.  There […]

Elbe, WA: The Hobo Inn

This place is a little over 1/2 hour away from Tacoma area, yet its in a rural part of Washington, at the east end of Alder Lake, about 20 miles from Mt. Rainier. Technology is not their strong point, as you have to call to make a reservation.  […]

Portland: Evermore Guesthouse 

If you’re looking for the Ultimate Bed and Breakfast experience, with the gourmet chef and Laura Ashley linen.. this is not the place.  Think of this as a place where a friend of a friend lent you their house key, told you to just let yourself in, sleep […]

Bellagio Conservatory

Winter has arrived!! Las Vegas may be a desert town, but that does not mean that they don’t get into the Christmas spirit.  One hotel / casino that I like to visit is the Bellagio, where they transform their Conservatory, depending on the season.  Right now, scheduled until […]

Back at The Cosmo, Las Vegas

Nothing in Vegas is really free, but you can get “close” to free… for a price.  I’m not a high roller, but I do like playing the slots.  Some people will say that I should just take out a $100 bill and light it on fire. I disagree. […]