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Kissing the Blarney Stone in Cork

Another day of waking up early for a 8:55 am flight..this time to the city of Cork, which is where the Blarney Castle is located. It one of those bucket list items I’ve always wanted to do, and yet have no clue where Cork is. The locals say […]

Day 4: Oscar Wilde, shopping and churches

Today was the “meat and potatoes” of the trip, which include spending all day walking around the city.  We started off at Marion Square where we found the Oscar Wilde grave site. Then, we went onto Graton Street, which is a main shopping boulevard. We found Molly Malone, […]

Day 3: Back to Dublin

Who needs sleep during vacation? As Martin would say, you can sleep when you’re dead. We started off our day by waking up at 5:00 am to get to the Newcastle International Airport for a 7:55 am flight back to Dublin. Yes, 5:00 am.  Fortunately the Holiday Inn […]

From SFO to Dublin

We flew Aer Lingus from SFO to Dublin, non stop. The plane ride was actually not bad.. around 9 hours (give or take), and we arrived at 9:15 am local time. It would have been an easier flight if some 2 year old brat didn’t cry her lungs […]