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Stopover in Frankfurt, Germany

The flight out of Budapest was at 6:30 am so I don’t recall much of the 2 hour flight, as I knocked off pretty much after take off.  I do recall the flight attendant offering us Nutella filled croissant and a beverage, I ate a few bites (didn’t […]

Budapest airport

So, our Lufthansa flight is at 6:30am, and we arranged for a taxi at 4:00. The taxi from Budapest is a flat rate of €30,00 and the ride took roughly 30 minutes.  We left 10 minutes before our scheduled time, and the streets were empty. Driving out of […]

Budapest street food

When we arrived in Budapest, we didn’t realize the one extra day we had was on a National Holiday. We weren’t sure what was opened so we wandered around the city. We had just finished visiting St. Stephen’s Basilica and headed toward the Budapest Eye ferris /observation wheel. […]

Budapest: Prestige Hotel

Our cruise is may be over, but we are extending our stay in Budapest by one day. Our hotel, the Prestige Hotel, is located just a few minutes walk from the ship, but with luggage and a steep incline, we chose to take a taxi, which cost €10,00. […]

Farewell, Viking Var!

It’s our last breakfast on the Viking Var. In 24-hours every passenger from this ship will be somewhere else, and the crew will be providing services to new passengers.    My overall impression  I really did enjoy my cruise. The clientele is an older crowd, mostly retirees, but […]

Budapest on the Danube, lit up at night

As a traveler, there are some iconic photos that I’ve wanted to see for myself in person. One such photo is the Parliament building, which has been posted in practically any travel magazine, book or web site. It’s the 3rd largest parliament in the world, second to Romania […]

Last dinner on the Viking Var

It’s our last night on the Viking Var. We started in Nuremburg, Germany and a week later ended at Budapest, Hungary.    Our meals on Viking has been superb. For our last dinner, we were presented with a Captain’s Menu, and it was a multiple course meal. The […]