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Everett, WA: Funko HQ (@OriginalFunko)

Karen and I collect Funko toys and the new headquarters is located about 40 minutes north of Seattle in the city of Everett, Washington… just a stones throw away from Boeing. After we left the Starbucks Reserve Roastery, we made our way north, stopping halfway in the city of Edmonds for breakfast at […]

Seattle: Starbucks Reserve Roastery #StarbucksReserve

Karen and I left Pike Place and went from the “first” Starbucks store to the first Starbucks Reserve Roastery.  Located at 1124 Pike Street, the first Starbucks Reserve Roastery is located in Seattle’s vibrant Capitol Hill neighborhood. The new facility takes up 15,000 square feet and offers taste tests of […]

Seattle: Pike Place Market

Good morning, Seattle! It was Karen’s first time in Seattle, so we had to visit the famous Pike Place Market.  In my prior visits, I knew it would be very busy, so we decided to get there by 8:00, before the tourist and tour busses arrived.  We were told […]

Sultan, WA: Espresso Chalet 

About a half hour away from Deception Falls is this little walk up/ drive thru coffee house called the Espresso Chalet.  Washington has tons of these little coffee houses (or shacks) where you pull up and order your espresso or coffee drinks. What makes this one special is […]

Skykomish, WA: Deception Falls

Today is our last day! We left Abendblume a little before 10:00 am, and started down Stevens Pass toward Tacoma to pick up mom.  We felt that we had plenty of time to drive around, and maybe even check out Seattle. About a hour into our drive, we […]

Leavenworth, WA: Cured by Visconti

Located 2 hours away from North Bend, off Highway 2 is the the Bavarian town of Leavenworth.  The hills in the background could really make you feel that those were the Alps, and the German music playing in the background gave it a bit of Europe feeling. The […]

Spokane: King of Ramen

As an Asian gal who grew up and still lives in Southern California, we have access to all sorts of Asian noodle places. We even know that there’s 3 major types of Ramen: Hakata, Kitakata, and Sapporo. Most people think of ramen as Hakata style which is what […]

Yakima, WA: Waffles Caffe

We left The Hobo Inn at 8:30, thinking we’d find a breakfast place along the way.  We made a few stops along the way, getting more side tracked as we spent time pulling over to the lookout points, taking pictures of the Washington trees and falls. By the […]

Elbe, WA: The Hobo Inn

This place is a little over 1/2 hour away from Tacoma area, yet its in a rural part of Washington, at the east end of Alder Lake, about 20 miles from Mt. Rainier. Technology is not their strong point, as you have to call to make a reservation.  […]

July 2013: Oregon Bound! 

We’re heading up the coast to Oregon, Washington, across the state to Idaho and Montana, before heading back to Washington.  For the first few days, Stephen and I will be traveling with his mom to Portland before dropping her off in Tacoma so she can spend time with […]

The Grill from Ipanema, Seattle, WA

I stumbled on a $60 groupon while researching places to eat on our Seattle vacation.  This place is a little different in which you can order just the salad bar (no grilled meats) for $28, or with the grilled meats for $45, or entrees a la carte, so […]

Via Tribunali, Seattle, WA

I’m not one to give away 5 stars but this place was amazing. I thought the service and food was outstanding. It didn’t hurt that we also had a great deal from TravelZoo which was 2 starters, one pizza to share and one dessert to share for $29. […]

Ballard Brothers Seafood, Seattle, WA

I wouldn’t have discovered this place if it hadn’t been for a fantastic Groupon deal. The deal was 2 fish n chips (correction: 2 generous pieces!) and drinks, which included beer as a choice, for basically half off. Seriously the best deal in Seattle. The guy who greeted […]

June 2014: Seattle, WA

In June 2014, we accompanied Stephen’s mom to Tacoma, Washington so she could visit her childhood friend, Helga.  While she was at Tacoma, Stephen and I stayed in Seattle at a bed-and-breakfast, went to the famous Pike Place, and squeezed in a visit to the Boeing factory, met up […]