Buena Park: Kickin’ Crab

The last time I was here was back on Memorial Weekend, and the place was packed.  I came here on a Tuesday night and we were seated immediately.  In fact, 3 of the group members were able to be seated without all of us there.

We had 6 in our group so we decided to get combo 1 and the combo 3.  Both combos came with 2 corn, potatoes and chunks of sausage.

For combo 1 we chose 3 pounds of shrimp, and for combo 3, we chose 3 pounds of crawfish and the 1 pound of king crab legs.  The prices for the combos went up $4 to $37.99 for combo 1, while the combo 3 went up $8 to $71.99. (see menu below for comparison)

Most of the group members like things spicy so we opted to go “in the middle” and get the “medium” sauce.  Wow, it was spicy.  Luckily we had a basket of the sweet potato fries to cool it down.

I was disappointed in the King Crab legs.  They were rubbery, so even with the cracking tool, it didn’t help crack open the crab because the shell bent, not snapped.  Not worth picking that.  The crawfish were in season and we had some good sized ones.  It’s still a hassle to eat crawfish, as its mostly shell.  The shrimp were nice and large, but unfortunately if you eat too slow, they get overcooked and rubbery as you dig to the bottom of the bag.

It’s not Boiling Crab, but it’s a good alternative.  The bonus is they offer the garlic noodle, but at $9.99, I wonder if that’s worth it as they give you a paper plate size serving.