Ducks at Ericsson Globe

The Ericsson Globe arena was about a mile from our hotel.  The arena is in a “city walk” type area where there’s bars and restauants near the arena.  Before the game, we had dinner at one of the restaurants located inside the arena. By the way, their fast food choices were awful (don’t complain, Ducks fans, when eating at Honda).

Our seats were awful. First row normally would be sweet but there was a big gap between our seats and the rink.  Most of the fans moved to other locations (not sure how they found spare seats!), but I stayed.

Pre game dinner

Go Ducks… getting NHL Premiere / Stockholm souvenirs

Awful view from my seat… notice the gap (meaning, there should not be people walking!)


Warm up

View from my seat during the game

Standing for the National Anthem

Each player paired up with a local hockey kid