Dec 11: Our first NFL game at Qualcomm

I can’t believe that I’ve never been to a professional football game… meaning not the NFL (or as a hockey fan, the CFL either).  I’ve been to the World Series, the Stanley Cup, a soccer (futbol) game in Madrid, Spain… but never a pro football game, even when we had teams in LA.
My friend Anna couldn’t go to the December 11th game, so I bought the tickets from her and took Jeff, since he’s a Chargers fan.  Coincidentally, he’s never been to an NFL game, so it was a new experience for both of us.

We took the trolley from the Hazard Center Mall and got the all day pass for $5.  When we got to the Qualcomm Stadium, we entered at the main concourse and there were food trucks there.  I wasn’t planning on blogging, so unfortunately I didn’t take a picture of the food trucks, but 3 of the 4 trucks were fairly new, or, I haven’t tried them yet. 
I also didn’t try them because they had to inflate their prices to $12 to cover their expenses… and I’d much rather try them on the streets, instead of the stadium.

View of Qualcomm from the trolley, as it was pulling into the station

We went directly to our seats. Even though our seats were in the View level, they were very good seats! The sun was never in our eyes, and the view was unobstructed.

Overall, a very exciting game.  The Chargers did fumble the ball in the other team’s zone, which gave the Bills a free touch down.  If we had to do it again, Jeff and I agreed taking the train from the OC to SD would be a better idea.  Going to San Diego was easy.  Leaving the stadium was rough.  Even after we got to the trolley, we had to fight the congestion to get out of Hazard Center.  Lucky for us, no one was heading north, so we stopped for dinner in Del Mar.

The view of the end zone from our seats


The scoreboard to the right of our seats


The Chargers takes the field!

A “Fly By” after the National Anthem

My friend Linda and her son

Half time show


Braving the cool San Diego weather, and cheering the Home Team!

The line to get back on the trolley after the game.

Chargers beat the Bills 37-10

Beginner’s luck for me?? Hmmm, maybe!

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