Roscoe’s Chicken and Waffles: Anaheim, California

Roscoe’s Fried Chicken and Waffles is as much of a Southern California institution as going to an In-N-Out Burger.  There are plenty of places which serves this breakfast-meets-lunch meal, but very few can provide consistently good food at each visit.

This newest Roscoe’s (or ‘Scoes, as the fans call it) is located just south of Disneyland, off Harbor Boulevard and Orangewood.  Its the largest one, with 2 levels, and offering a huge waiting area outside (with umbrellas).  They try to make their parking lot as efficient and safe as possible with security personnel acting as parking directors.  The parking lot is not very large, so if they run out of space, you may have to hike it from the residential area or the neighboring parking lot.

Roscoe’s is still my favorite go-to place for fried chicken, and I been to all of their locations.  This location is not my favorite, but its the only one located in Orange County.  For quirky character, my favorite location is probably the one located at 5006 West Pico in Los Angeles, where celebrities such as Snoop Dog, David Beckham, and even President Obama have stopped there for food.

They are known for their Chicken and their waffles, but my favorite side dish is their smothered rice, and I usually get the #19, chicken with rice and gravy and a biscuit.   The food is cooked up fresh, and their chicken is always served piping hot. It is worth the wait, even though you’re keeling over from hunger as you watch the other tables chow down on their food.  The chicken is crispy on the outside, juicy on the inside, and many fans say it goes great with a douse of the Louisiana sauce that’s on the table.

The prices aren’t the cheapest for fried chicken, so I often get their mid week special: 2 thighs, smothered rice and gravy and a biscuit for only $6.00.  Not all locations offer this great deal, and it definitely is a huge savings as normally the #19 (a thigh and leg plus rice) is $10.10.

Chicken with smothered rice, Waffle, and Chicken with Red Beans and rice
The $6.00 special: 2 thighs, smothered rice and biscuit

Don’t expect the best service in town.  They don’t accept reservations, they won’t split checks and they don’t accept American Express.  Even though this is in a touristy location, the prices are the same as the other locations. Average price for a meal and a drink will set you back $15 per person, at least, and add additional sides will bump it $6 or more.

The wait during the week is significantly less than weekends.  If you arrive before 6:00 pm, there’s hardly any wait at all.  

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