Last day: FDR museum

Our flight back home wasn’t until 6:30 pm, so we had time to kill. In the hotel lobby was a flyer on FDR, saying his Hyde Park home was about 1/2 hour away. It was starting to snow, so we decided to check it out.

Initially, I thought we would just check out the grounds, maybe poke inside the gift store, and leave. I didn’t realize his childhood (and adult) home, his grave site and the FDR museum was located on the same grounds. We decided to take the 12:30 tour of this home. It took about an hour, and the tour limited us to the ground floor and the 2nd floor. Then, we were able to walk around the grounds, where we saw FDR and Eleanor’s final resting place (along with their 2 dogs). We didn’t get to see much of the museum, but we can go back one day and finish it.

Memorabilia at the museum

As we were leaving, they had a special event taking place. FDR was a huge fan of ice boating, and they brought in an Ice Boating club to show off their boats. In addition, they had FDR’s grandson say a few words, and had a simple reception of coffee and cookies. I wasn’t able to get a picture of the grandson (but Stephen did).

We left at 2:30 and made it to JFK with enough time to top off the tank, find the rental car return, take the AirTrain to JFK and even grab some sandwiches for the flight.

Ice boats

Grave of FDR and Eleanor
Filling up the rental car!