Secret Pizza, Cosmopolitan Hotel

Secret Pizza isn’t really much of a secret, but it is a bit hidden. You won’t find it in the Cosmopolitan directory, so here’s how you find it:  It is located on the 3rd floor of the Cosmopolitan.  Once you find the pool table and you’ll see a hallway lined with vintage records.  There’s that so-called Secret Pizza place, and, most likely you will smell the aroma of garlic before you come to the line of people waiting for pizza.

We came here around 2:30 am, which is still not very late by Vegas standards, for 3 slices of pizza and 2 diet cokes. The employee suggested getting a 2-liter of diet coke for $6.50 versus the red party cup of cokes for $4 each. He also gave us the same cups that he was selling for $4, and filled it with ice. What a nice suggestion! The employee could have easily had a $8 sale on drinks, but saved us a few bucks. That alone is a 5 star service, especially in Vegas!


So, 3 slices plus a 2-liter came to $22. making Secret Pizza the best hidden gem of Las Vegas. A slice is not enough for a hearty meal, but good enough for a quick snack or a light meal.  Thin crust and garlicky flavor in each bite. Excellent pizza and worth the wait.

There’s limited counter space to eat and most people can’t seem to bus their own trash. However, walk out of the hallway and back in the pool area, and you will find sofas where you can enjoy your pizza.

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