Sugarfina, a luxury candy boutique

Adorably expensive!! But then, what do you expect at South Coast Plaza?

According to their web site:

Sugarfina is a gourmet candy shop offering gummies, chocolate, caramels and more from around the world.

Sugarfina is a luxurious candy boutique that was started in Beverly Hills, California. They have a huge variety of candies and have been featured in many media outlets from magazines to television shows.

In December, they opened a location in Orange County at South Coast Plaza, near the carousel in the lower level. While the candy shop is not excessively expensive, it’s also not your average priced sweets shop either.

They offer daily samples of their candies, and on my visit, the samples were: S’mores and Pig. I passed on the Pig but the S’mores were really good! They tasted better than any I could make at the beach.

From the web site:
Want something that’ll REALLY knock your socks off?  Microwave one of these babies on high for about 10-12 seconds.  The marshmallow and chocolate center will melt while the outer shell stays intact, creating a crazy-delicious warm, gooey, oh-so-smore-y taste sensation.  You can thank us later.

Mama and baby piglets


This lovely shop full of uniquely different sweets, such as candies made with bacon, fruit, and such. Their best seller is the Champagne Bubbles, and was featured on The Today Show.

Champagne Bubbles

A tasting sample of candies are $2.50 each (1.3 oz) and a single serving cube (3.3 oz) start at $7.00 and up, and comes in a cute clear cube. You can create your own boxes which starts at $25 for a 3-pack, or a “bento” 9-pack which runs about $60.

I purchased a 3-pack of alcohol themed cordial candies filled with bourbon, champagne and rum  for Stephen’s birthday, which came decorated in a cute, themed box, for $30, tax included. They also gift wrapped the box in tissue and their signature bag.

Sugarfina currently has 6 locations in California, with 2 more opening soon, one in San Jose, and one in Georgia.


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