There’s Lebkuchen in Passau!?

It’s well known that Nurenburg is famous for Lebkuchen. Supposedly Passau is also known for the “gingerbread” cookies, which surprised us. What was more surprising was finding a lebkuchen shop that hailed from Nuremburg in the city of Passau.


Stephen recognized the company and said Alpine Village in Torrance imports that brand. However, the cost in Torrance was twice that of this shop, so we decided to see what we could bring home.  The shop is very small. Customers must walk in and out single file.  There’s one woman behind the counter, and there’s not much space to walk around.

Customers can purchase individual lebkuchen or pre packs that are in boxes or keepsake tin cans. They also have Christmas cakes and other goodies ranging from €4,00 to €75,00. We spent about half an hour deciding what we should get, weighing options such as luggage space, and if it was worth carrying it back home?

560In the end, we did end up buying a box of goodies (which we will have to hand carry, probably) to bring back home. We justified it by saying it’s directly from Germany and I’m sure it’s worth the trouble when Stephen’s mom opens the box.