#PrayForParis as the city was under attack today

The world was shaken by the attack that happened today in Paris.  At 1:40 pm  (California time), my twitter feed started going crazy with “Breaking News in Paris”.  First there was one bombing announced, then later multiple, separate attacks were announced. One of the bombs went off while a soccer match was being played.  People crashed the social media #Periscope as they were broadcasting this terrorist attack live.


By the time I got around to reading the tweets, a concert hall with an American metal band playing was attacked, and there were hostages.

More than 100 people are killed in shootings and explosions around Paris, many of them in a popular concert hall where patrons were taken hostage, police and medical officials say. Yahoo News is following the latest in the live blog below.

Click here to see a video
At 5:00 pm this is what I gathered from Twitter.

– More than 100 confirmed dead following a series of coordinated terrorist attacks around Paris on Friday evening. Approximately 100 of the victims were killed in Bataclan concert hall.

– President Hollande declares a state of emergency, closes French borders. President’s planned trip to G20 meeting in Turkey cancelled.

– Reuters confirms end of siege at Bataclan theatre where police have killed two attackers. More than 60 people were held hostage at the Eagles of Death Metal concert. The venue is very near the offices of Charlie Hebdo.

– Police source tells AP attackers at Bataclan “tossed explosives into the crowd” and describes “carnage” in theatre.

– Witness at Bataclan tells AFP that an attacker shouted “This is for Syria”.

– French police confirm three casualties following a bombing at Gate J of Stade de France football arena, north of Paris during a France-Germany friendly match.

– At least one gunman opened fire at Petit Cambodge restaurant in Paris’s 10th district, and nearby Le Carillon Bar.

– Attacks also reported at Les Halle’s and Belle Equipe bar, BBC says.

– Airports are expected to remain open, but travelers are advised to contact their carriers for details.


The world is indeed small, and thankfully social media is being used to help those in need, and keeping people informed on what’s going on.

Facebook created a page (https://www.facebook.com/safetycheck/paris_terror_attacks)  so people who are safe can check in.

Parisian cab drivers are taking people to safety, and free of charge.

Paris residents started the Twitter hashtag #PorteOuverte, which means #OpenDoor, to offer and seek safe shelter in the aftermath of the horrific attacks in the French city on Friday night.

Currently, I am watching Watch France 24 for live updates. Click here for a live feed in English