Musubi Monster revisited 

The last time I was here was back in January, when the place was about 3 weeks old.  Fast forward to May and the place has added more items to their menu, from more musubi choices, to Island rice bowls, to a modified “bento” box combo.

The bento box combo went up a buck to $10.95, and you can choose 2 musubi (from a list of 4 types: Teri-Spam, Kalua Pig, Chicken Katsu, or Mochiko Chicken) plus a 1/4 lb of ahi poke.  OR, if you’re not feeling the poke, you can select 3 musubis instead.  Either choice comes with a fountain drink.

I chose the 2 musubi and poke combo, while Karen chose a Moco Loco Island bowl, which also came with a drink for $8.95.  If you want ahi poke too, add $3.50.

The food was made to order and it was brought to our table in about 15 minutes.  I had the shoyu poke, and it was decent.  The 2 musubi I had were bricks!  Someone commented that the rice to meat ratio was not proportional, and I have to agree.  The spam and the kalua came with a generous serving, but the rice was about an inch and a half thick.  If you’re looking to fill up, 2 musubis will do the trick.

Aside from eating a brick of musubi, the flavor was right on.  Last time I came, the rice was a bit dry. This time it was good.  My kalua had a good kick to it, and the owner commented it was probably the kim chi slice I had.

Karen’s Loco Moco was a generous serving of hamburger and gravy with 2 soft eggs over a bowl of rice.  One of the eggs was undercooked, and too wobbly for her liking.  She carved out the gooey white and just ate the other egg.

We commented that to the owner and he said that’s how they make it, and next time ask for it well done.  The problem was, it wasn’t even sunny side up cooked… it was still gooey.  Oh well.

Giving this 3 1/2 stars because its filling and cheap.  The owner even commented that he knows he’s not the best in town, but he does provide comfort food.  They’re thinking of serving up breakfast soon, so this place has more plans in their future.


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