July 9: Free succulent day at OC Succulents

img_4612-1On July 9, OC Succulents advertised they were giving away one free 4″ succulent, providing they go to a good home.  It was about 2:00 and I thought, sure why not? I mean, how many people can this event have for a plant giveaway?  Apparently, most of Orange County must have read the same giveaway, and they were all there getting a free succulent plant.

We were coming from the Tustin Costco, driving up Warner Avenue and noticed a line of cars on the right.  We drove past it, thinking it was some concert or city event, not thinking it was the SAME one I wanted to attend.  The line was to get into the parking lot!

Fortunately when I drove past the first line, there was a 2nd parking lot.  It was a huge, empty dirt lot and people tried to create an organized parking situation out of the chaos. Overall it was orderly, but still chaotic.  We “created” our own spot near the edge of the lot, walked across the street to the nursery, passing by people happily carrying their 4″ potted plant.

When we walked in, there was pure chaos! No signs, no employee telling you where to go. No queue.. nothing!

We asked this young lady carrying her pot where to go for ours.  There was a long ass line to the left of the building, but she claims it was for those who wish to buy more plants.  Go to “the right” of the building and there’s a bunch of trays with plants.  Grab one that’s 4″ and leave. There was a hoard of people clamoring for a plant. The OC Succulent employee was restocking plants as fast as people were grabbing them.  Apparently some unscrupulous people were taking more than their fair share, as the exit doors to the back were not really being monitored.  We got 2 potted plants, and left. The whole process took about 15 minutes, once we figured out where to go.

Overall I don’t think I’ll try this again next year.

It was generous of OC Succulents to do this. They tried their best to create an organized parking situation, but it was just too chaotic.  Perhaps dangling or posting tall signs above to where to get the free stuff, where to pay, and maybe even roping off an area with a queue so people would be “given” one free plant would make this more organized, and less “stealing” of the freebie plants. Lucky its just once a year.