Update: Imagine Project in the media

12729247_919109824863250_2048175841167192697_nA few days ago I posted information on Imagine Project: The Tale of Turandot.

Here’s an greeting and information from Co-producer Alex Zonin (who is also my brother in law).

My BIG announcement!

One year ago, my very talented friend Armina LaManna decided to do a theater production for young audiences while employing union talent. That idea evolved, as we joined our forces. And today, after a lot of work, I introduce to you Imagine Project – a new children’s theater focusing on gender equity, diversity and inclusion. We are Los Angeles County’s only Equity theater dedicated entirely to children’s programming (website link in the comments).

Our inaugural production of The Tale of Turandot (written by Armina) will open shortly after New Year’s and will provide twelve union contracts at a midsize venue.

From the beginning, Imagine Project commits to the following.
– Telling relevant stories and dynamically engaging with today’s youth, inspiring our young citizens to face life with creativity, insight and courage.
– Hiring local union talent, and thus creating union workweeks for our artists.
– Casting and hiring artists that are representative of the diverse population of our city. This includes artists with disabilities.
– Choosing programming that also reflects the voices of the under-served members of our community.

The Tale of Turandot is a theatrical multi-media, live actors, and puppetry experience for kids from 4 to 94. It is the story of the smart, beautiful, and misunderstood Princess Turandot – a young woman who seeks to have a say in how her life unfolds.

We are having several fundraising events coming up and I will share those here. I ask you to support us as we embark on this wonderful and exciting adventure by following us on social media (the links are in the comment section) and help spreading the word about Imagine Project! Love to all!

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Other Media Info:

We invite you to our Inaugural Gala as we launch our new theatre company!

Sunday: August 21. Get your tickets for the inaugural gala here

Check out the write up on Broadway World


Donations accepted for the month of August… even $5 will help.  Click here for the Indiegogo site.