Anaheim: Little Caboose Tacos

The Little Caboose used to be located in the middle of the parking lot off Ball and Beach. They relocated up the street to a bigger, yet still tiny restaurant off Ball and Brookhurst, about 10 minutes from Disneyland.

It was Tuesday, and well, therefore it should be Taco Tuesday. Karen and I ordered their popular “Papas” Taco, or potato taco. I added a shredded beef taco, while Karen had the chicken one.

The tacos are the hard, crunchy gringo style ones. The potato taco is filled with lettuce, sour cream and cheese, while the chicken and shredded beef tacos are filled with lettuce, tomatoes and cheese. The tacos are a little pricier than other taco places ($1.94 for the potato, $2.64 for the other two) but they are decent sized tacos and filled adequately.

Was it the best gringo style tacos I’ve had? No, I have to say Puffy Tacos in Whittier has them beat. The place wasn’t bad. It’s clean, the guy was friendly, and they have plenty of parking. They’re also open late. It’s a good place to come if you’re heading to Disneyland.

Oh. Cash only.

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