Santa Ana: DönerG Turkish food

DönerG is a Turkish, casual food restaurant with 3 Orange County locations: Anaheim, Irvine, and their newest one in Santa Ana, across from the Main Place Mall.  Unlike Anaheim or Irvine, this location is a “build your own” concept like Chipotle or Subway.


We stopped here on a Saturday night.  Everyone must have been at home watching the Dodgers vs. Cubs game, as the place was empty.


The employees were very friendly, and took their time to help us build our meal. You can get wraps, sandwich, salad or dinner plate.  We chose the dinner plate.  I chose all the vegetables (except jalapenos) and the beef and chicken, and asked for all the sauces on the side. img_9115-1



There was so much food, Stephen and I decided to share the plate, and added 2 drinks.  The total came to just over $12, which was not only a bargain, it filled us up, too.