Santa Ana Express Car Wash

I work in the downtown Santa Ana area, and two car wash places I used to frequent went out of business (one off Main/ 17th, other one one off 17th / Bristol). I needed a place to vacuum the inside of my car, as well as wash it,  and this place seem to fit the bill.  Located off 1st and Bush Street, across from a Taco Bell and McDonalds is this drive thru/ DIY car wash. For $5 to $12 you can get a variety of quick, express car wash services.


$5 gets you a wash n dry
$8 gets you the above plus underwater carriage wash and sealer wax
$10 gets you rainbow, rain X treatment and tire shine.
$12 is the whole shabang, and they also give you air freshener and a micro fiber towel

I decided to get the “Everything” package and for $12 I got the works. It took just as long for my wash as an $8 wash, so I hope it was worth it.

After the drive thru wash, you have the option of vacuming your car, and an attendant will direct you to a free spot. Pull up ALL THE WAY so the vacuum hose can reach the back seats.

I didn’t know that an attendant was supposed to give me the air freshener and towel beforehand. Since I didn’t know,  I used the 2 orange Anaheim Ducks towels in my truck to use to wipe off the excess water. Oh well, now I know to find an attendant for my free stuff. Overall it did the job. Was it as shiny or as spic n span as a professional car wash? Nope. I wouldn’t even call it cheap as it’s $12 and I had to do most of the work. But, as I said, it did the job of getting my truck cleaner.