Fullerton: George’s Hamburgers

While having dinner with my BFF, her husband asked me: “Have you ever been to George’s?”. Where? I asked. It’s off Commonwealth and Euclid, across from the U-Haul place.

I’ve driven by this place dozens of times, and never gave it much thought. So I yelped it, and saw that this place was known for their Breakfast Burritos. Geez, the yelp reviews were full of photos of those burritos, with salsa and ranch dressing.

So I coaxed Stephen into going on a Saturday around 11:30 am. The place was packed, but I was able to score a parking space right under the George’s sign. We walked in, and the place is tiny, with maybe 10 tables to the left, and 6 to the right. I walked up to what I think is the order counter, and a nice guy greets me. I tell him its my first time and he suggested a ham breakfast burrito. I asked how about the bacon, and he said why not add both? It’s only $1 more. Sure, why not!?

I saw how big they were, and how yelpers said they couldn’t finish one, so Stephen and I shared one, and ordered 2 sodas. Total came to just over $10.  He asked if it was for here or to go, and I said “for here if we could find a seat”. Miracles happened… a table just freed up, literally next to the cashier. Was this a sign or what?!

img_0734One by one, breakfast burritos flew out the window. Our order finally came, and the guy asked if we wanted salsa or ranch? Say what? Ranch? He said try both. By golly the ranch dressing worked great with the burrito.

I was so happy we split it, too. The burrito was heavy, and full of ham, potatoes, and eggs. I had a little less than 1/2 a burrito, and I was full all day.

I want to give it 5 stars, but for now its a solid 4… I was darn lucky to get a parking spot and a table. I can only imagine how packed this place can get, and wished they have more places to sit. Oh well, not their fault. I will come back to try their burgers.. they look great!

Cash only!