Anaheim: Northgate Gonzalez is the Mexican Whole Foods

Northgate Gonzalez Market is a local chain of markets. This particular one is located off State College and Lincoln, just a few blocks from the 91 freeway, and is nicknamed the “Mexican Whole Foods”. Yes, it lives up to the nickname. I can’t remember if it used to be an Albertson’s or Ralphs, but Northgate Gonzalez took advantage of the space, and made it into the perfect Supermercado.


We entered through the right side of the store, and was greeted by the deli and produce department. In the deli department you can find hot, prepared foods just like Whole Foods, but with a Mexican emphasis. You can get prepared items from soups, tamales to go, hot entrees, salsa bar, chicken wing bar, to a salad bar. There’s even a juice (jugo) bar, a station to buy fried foods, and grilled combination foods.

Walking past the produce is an area with a gigantic variety of creams and cheeses, as well as fresh sausages (chorizo) and fresh tortillas.

Passing along that section in the back was the meats, starting with fresh fish and seafood, packaged meats, and a huge butcher section with fresh meats sold with and without marinades.

Of course the store has canned goods, cereals, dairy items, and Stephen’s favorite: pastries.

The prices for their “american” products may not be the best in town but they have plenty of variety for pretty much anything you need. The place is worth the drive, and surpasses any other “Super” mercado I’ve seen. It’s clean, the staff are bilingual, and everyone is helpful. As a chinita, I did not feel like an outsider, as I have in some other el “Super” mercado. Thumbs up to this location!

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