London: British Museum (@BritishMuseum)

The British Museum has one of the largest collection of artifacts from around the world, especially their Egyptian collection.  We’ve been to Cairo, Berlin and the Met in New York City, so it was essential that we stopped here to check out their collection.  Best of all, the admission is FREE!


Although the admission is free, everything else inside costs money.  A map was 2 pounds, and even the coat check cost 1,50.  Well, it’s still a bargain compared to everything else in London.

After we checked in Stephen’s jacket, we made our way to the famous Rosetta Stone (the ancient stone tablet, not the language software).  Discovered in 1799, this stone tablet was created in 196 BC.  The tablet was written with 3 languages: Ancient Egyptian hieroglyphs, Demotic script, and Greek script, which made it possible to decipher Egyptian.  It was impossible to patiently wait for our turn to the front (too many pushy tourists!) so we had to jockey for position for a photo of this famous stone.

Once that was accomplished, we backtracked to the front of the museum, and started with the Egyptian portion.

After we were done with the 1st level, we walked up to the 2nd floor, where the Egyptian mummies, deities and hieroglyphs were displayed.

By the time we finished the entire Egyptian collection, it was about 3:00, and we had reservations at the Great Court Restaurant for Afternoon tea.

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