Live Streaming TV trial: Sling vs PS Vue

Last week I did the 7-day trial with Sling TV, blue package. I really liked Sling and found very little dislikes with that provider.  I did miss KTLA Morning News (that’s the local CW channel) but got used to watching KTTV Fox’s Good Day LA and also Good Morning, America.  I found no glitch in the streaming and didn’t even know I was watching live streaming.

Dislike: No CW and no CBS.  Lucky if I make the switch, there’s the CBS App I can get and I can buy an indoor antenna to view CW.  No big loss.

This week I am trying out the PlayStation Vue, but its only a 5-day trial.  The cost of Vue is a bit higher.  The packages start at $39 for Access, but I want the Core package which is $44.99, compared to $35 package that I want from Sling.


Vue does have CBS (ie: The Big Bang Theory) and ABC, but like Sling, not the CW.  There’s a lot more sports that I don’t want, and they are missing some channels that Sling has, and I want.   I also found Vue to be a bit glitchy. When watching The Gifted Ones, the splash screen popped up many times, even closed captioning.  At first I thought my neighbor was messing with my tv!


Summary: Sling Blue ($25) vs Vue Access ($39)


Sling Blue



Vue Access


If you have a large family who wants their own account, Vue offers 5 additional users.  Sling Blue offers 2 user, which still works best for me.  I also like the guide on Sling more than Vue.

Winner for this round: Sling.

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