Anaheim: Ballast Point, Downtown Disney

Ballast Point is a brewing company based in San Diego, California. They have 4 locations in San Diego, one in Temecula, Long Beach, Chicago (IL), Daleville (VA) and one in downtown Disney, Anaheim. The location used to belong to Build a Bear, but Disney wanted more eateries, and pretty much evicted BAB.

This location is small. Everything is located on the second floor, with a patio area that is first come, first serve. The dining area is reservations recommended, as it is even smaller than the patio. I was able to get a reservation for lunch on

Stephen ordered a flight of beer (and they were generous pours) and ordered a bunch of items to share.  The “impossible” meatless lettuce wraps was a surprise. It was actually quite spicy, and we think its from the chilies they put on top.  Stephen loved the pretzel, and while we did like the fish and chips, we felt it was not worth the price.

The food was good, but I am not sure if its enough for me to make another reservation.  Maybe if Stephen wanted a beer would I go back.


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