Disney World: the Polite Pig

We left Hollywood Studios early and it was also Super Bowl Sunday. I was hoping Disney Springs wouldn’t be crowded, and that people were watching the game at their hotel or at one of the sports bars.

We left our hotel about 8:00 and took the water shuttle to Disney Springs. The area was not busy at all. In fact, the restaurant was half empty and only a handful of people in line to order.

The restaurant accepted our Dining Plan, so we decided to get the Butcher Block, which was a sampler of the brisket, the pork belly, the bbq chicken and cheese stuffed sausage. Included were 2 sides, which we chose the Brussels sprouts and macaroni and cheese, and it came with the house coleslaw and jalapeño biscuits.

The dining plan included a beverage, so Stephen chose a cocktail and used mine for a craft beer. Unlike the table service plan, desserts were not included, and I paid out of pocket for a buttermilk chess pie and an orange blossom pie. Both pies were delicious and worth the splurge.

The food was delicious and priced affordably, especially for a barbecue place. I heard that the place can get extremely crowded, so I guess going on Super Bowl was the perfect day.

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