Insulated bottles: Super Sparrow vs Hydro Flask… how do they compare?

I was given the opportunity to try an insulated bottle from Super Sparrow. The offer was free, and I just had to blog about my experience.

I told the representative that I currently use the Hydro Flask /REI cobranded bottle that comes with a straw. I was shipped 2 bottles: a blue/aqua colored 25 oz/ 750 ml bottle and a mango colored 32 oz/ 1000 ml bottle.

The bottles are currently being sold on Amazon, retailing for under $25. What I am surprised is how much you get for that price point.

You get

  • 2 lids (standard screw on and one with a straw)
  • 2 straws and a brush to clean the straws
  • A D- ring to latch onto your pack
  • An insulated bottle carrier made from a neoprene type material

Here’s the information printed on the box:

I compared the size of these two items to the 32 oz Camelbak (red bottle, far right) and a 21 oz Hydro Flask (2nd flask), both recently purchased at REI.

The bottle opening of the Super Sparrow is a standard mouth and I had no difficulty adding ice cubes into it. Ideally I prefer a wide mouth so I could use it directly from the ice dispenser. The Camelbak is a wide mouth opening and I did find it easier in refilling it.

The Super Sparrow bottles fit in my VW Tiguan cup holder, although the 32 oz was a bit snug and didn’t go in completely.

The test…

Now here’s the test for the weekend… comparing the Super Sparrow against my tried and true Hydro Flask. Both bottles are 25 oz and has the built in straw feature.

Both bottles have equal amounts of ice and were filled up the same time. The weather is supposed to be extremely hot tomorrow, which will be perfect to compare the bottles.

Let’s see how the Super Sparrow fares!

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