Grand Falls, AZ (aka Chocolate Falls)

Grand Falls, nicknamed Chocolate Falls is located about an hour away from Flagstaff, Arizona. The monsoon season brought down a lot of water this season, and I wanted to catch the Falls while it was still high.

The best way to know if there is water flowing at Grand Falls is to check the water flows on the USGS website for both Winslow (upstream) and Cameron (downstream).

If the reported flows are registering at least 200 cubic feet per second (cfs) or more, there is a very good chance that water is flowing over the falls. During our visit, it was just over 200 cfs.

The road getting to the Falls was paved until you reached the 6910 sign. Then the road was unpaved. A Jeep or a truck isn’t required but recommended.

When you see the Falls, you’ll see why it’s nicknamed Chocolate Falls. The Falls weren’t gushing but it was still impressive. We hope to go back and see it when the water is higher.

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