Ducks @ Philadephia

Part 2 of the Ducks Road trip. The Ducks hired a bus to take us to Philly. On the way there, Kris (Loomis) made a detour and and let us get bonafide cheesesteak sandwiches from either Pats or Geno’s.  The line at Pat’s was longer, so I went there, while Martin went to the shorter line at Geno’s.

Hands down, Pat’s was my favorite!

On our way to the Philadelphia Flyers game. 

Read it. Learn it. SAY IT!

We finally made it to the Wichovia Center and checked out the arena before the game.

At Philadelphia with Martin and Karen.

Wachovia Center

Banners in the rafters

View from our seats
Ducks won in OT

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