Day 7: Stockholm, Sweden

Today is our last night in Stockholm. I can’t believe our week is up! 

We took a half day tour of the city, and Ducks owners Henry & Susan Samueli helped me, by posing with the Ducks towel at the Royal Palace. After the tour, some of us went to the Pelikan for Swedish Meatball lunch.

Finland and Sweden may be only an hour’s plane ride from each other, but they are different.  Finland is quiet, laid back, and take their time.  Sweden is noisy (but not as noisy as Americans), much more populated, and a bit more abraisive than the Finns.

Downtown Stockholm
City Hall
City trashcan
On a city tour of City Hal
Sandberg cheers the Ducks
View of City hall from across the river
Royal Palace guard

Ducks owners Henry & Susan Samueli
Lunch at Pelikan restaurant!
Orange Soda
Cauliflower soup with bacon
$26 Swedish Meatballs (but in Sweden they’re just meatballs)
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