Happy New Year.

It’s funny how life can change without warning. Last year my life was pretty vanilla. 

It was predictable (well, to a point) and I was content being a wife in a 20 year relationship. We were foodies chasing gourmet trucks, going to hockey games, and planning that next big trip to Europe, Canada or some place which had an NHL team.

In a blink, everything I was used to changed on me. The husband left, and I was a single woman, living with 3 cats and a dog, and alone for the first time in my life.

I honestly didn’t think I would dig myself out of this emotional hole, but thanks to friends and family, I did. I also need to put myself out there because I just need to meet people.

I’m not sure what I want in a new relationship, but he needs to makes me smile, and I am looking to making this a new Chapter in my life…

Goodbye, 2011.
Hello, 2012.

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