Shin sen gumi, Gardena

On a cold evening, having something hot and brothy will hit the spot. It’s been a while since I’ve had shabu shabu with Karen, and we went with Roger to the Shin sen gumi in Gardena.
Most of the shabu places have a small variety of meats on the menu… usually beef, maybe chicken, pork, and occassionally seafood.

Shin sen gumi had turkey and tongue!  Many people are not fans of tongue, but that’s one of my favorite “non traditional” meats.  I ordered half order of angus beef and half tongue, and both were very good.

The prices are a bit higher than most shabu places.  Yes, it definitely hit the spot,  and it was worth the trip from Orange County.

Communal tables or sit at the counter

Angus beef and tongue
Vegetables with the dipping sauces
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