Road trip: Ducks beat Columbus

When I told people I was going to Columbus, Ohio to watch the Ducks play the Blue Jackets, the first thing they said was “why?” and “do you know how cold it is?” 
Last week, they were having a relatively mild winter of 46 degrees.  As my weekend was approaching their temperature went from 40-something degrees to 16 degrees! OMG that’s cold! When we landed on Friday, it was 20 degrees, snowing, and windy. It was about 20 on Saturday, but lucky it was not windy. Today was cold and windy, but at least the sun was out.  Still, cold is well.. COLD!

The Colubus Blue Jackets play at the Nationwide Arena.  It was about 0.6 miles from our hotel, and in a section called the “Arena District”.  Roger, Sandy and Wally walked it, while I drove and parked across the street for $10.

Nationwide Arena
Having fun with the CBJ Ticket Rep

The Ducks scored the first goal 43 seconds in the first period, and by the end of the game, Ducks player Corey Perry scored a Hat Trick. The final score was Ducks 5, Blue Jackets 3.  We tried tossing a hat in the rink, but Margaret was yelled at by the usher that the opponents fans were not allowed to toss hats… even for a hat trick.  What a bunch of sore losers.
Columbus is a nice city to visit, but I’m a So Cal gal and could not wait to get back home to 70 degree weather.
View from our seats in Section 122 row J

Final Score: CBJ 3 – Ducks 5

Going downstairs to see the players
Pictured in center: Defense-man Cam Fowler

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