Lunch at the PlaygroundDTSA

The menu from last Sunday…
Take a look at Death Row Meal 5

Its not a secret I am a fan of Jason Quinn… and his food is pretty darn good too! I had not been to the Playground in two weeks (maybe longer?) and I was craving food for lunch.

Jason does many food items very well, but he really knows how to create delicious dishes with pork and seafood, and fortunately he was serving both pork flat iron and a crispy trout for lunch. In addition to the two entrees, I added a tomato soup (not pictured), and left the restaurant extremely satisfied and full.

Lunch (or dinner) at the PlaygroundDTSA is not cheap, but you do get what you pay for.  The food is fresh, made from scratch, and is of the highest quality. I’ve never had a disappointing meal.

Pork flat iron with cabbage

Crispy trout with potatoes