Dessert at Tu Tu Tango

I went to the Ducks game with Gloria, Shellie and Grace. After the game (Ducks lost 4-2), we went to the Outlets of Orange (formerly called the Block of Orange) to Tu Tu Tango for a bite to eat. We shared an appetizer platter (not every good), hummus, and flatbread pizza, but the best part was sharing the dessert.

We ordered the S’mores and the Sweet Pie Pizza, which had pears, cheese, and balsamic.

The crust on the Sweet Pie was green because yesterday was St. Patrick’s Day, and they had leftover dyed green dough.  The S’mores was fun to make, and the best part was we didn’t have to go to the beach and start a bonfire!

The makings of S’mores
Roasting marshmellows by the… um, campfire?
Sweet Pie Pizza
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