My low key birthday weekend

My birthday orchid from Jeff.

I enjoy celebrating my birthday, but this year was definitely low key. Plus, after 21 years of being with someone, it was weird celebrating it without Martin. 

On Friday, I kicked off my weekend by having lunch, alone, at The Playground.

For dinner, Karen and I had a meal at the Lime Truck and Rolling Sushi Van, went shopping at Best Buy, and camped out at a Starbucks in Fullerton, playing on our phones.  It probably was something I would have normally done with Martin, but it sounds so depressing as I type this.

Saturday was a little more exciting. I started my day by getting a manicure, then a visit to Starbucks to cash in my birthday voucher for a trenta sized iced tea. At noon, I went to pick up Jeff and he took me to the Original Fish House for a Monkfish lunch (my favorite!)  before heading to Santa Monica to see Cirque Du Soleil’s Ovo.

Cirque offered prepaid parking in lot 4 South, and it was a 10 minute walk along the strand.  It was such a nice day to walk too.  I splurged and paid for the premium seats.  They were excellent seats, perfectly centered view where we were looking straight ahead, and worth every overpriced penny. The show was good. The first half was much better than the second. It seemed Jeff really liked the show, and is looking forward to seeing Cirque’s Iris in May. After the show, we met my family for dinner at Houston’s in Manhattan Beach.

On Sunday, Karen and I went to see the much anticipated movie, Hunger Games. Last year I convinced her to read the books, and she got hooked. The movie kept pretty close to the book, but was pretty long. Our 9:30 am show didn’t let out until noon.

Compared to past celebrations, it’s not much of a birthday weekend. 

On Tuesday, my actual birthday, I’m taking the day off, with the plan to sleep in and meet Shellie at Disneyland at noon.  After that… who knows what will happen?  Even though I am blessed to have family and friends, I guess its just not the same celebrating something without Martin. So now, it doesn’t really matter what I do.  Maybe I’ll drive up by myself to LA and get some fried chicken, and end it with a quiet night watching NCIS with just me… and Lulu.