Phat Boba

Driving back from Jeff’s I had a craving for a boba milk tea. I yelped for one and was directed to Phat Straw.

Located across from Cypress College swap meet, in a tiny strip mall, was Phat Straw. The marquee along Valley View just said “Boba”.

I ordered the house Royal milk tea and popcorn chicken for $6.45. They don’t charge extra for boba, which is nice.  The popcorn chicken came in a good size popcorn bag, filled almost to the top. The chicken wasn’t too bready but was salty, and some were chewy, like gluttony.

Popcorn chicken and large boba milk tea

Still, good price on the foods, and they offer happy hour type discounts, even discount with Cypress College ID.

Phat Straw is located at  9193 Valley View St. in Cypress and they have Free wifi!

Phat Straw hot dogs
Happy Hour menu