Another tasty lunch at the PlaygroundDTSA

I was going to treat myself to a Mattern’s sandwich, but realized it was 11:45.  Normally that’s early for lunch, but for Mattern’s, that would be about an hour’s wait to be served.  I was leaving the office, and thought “why not Playground?”.  It’s been about 3 weeks (if not longer) since I treated myself to a delicious meal, and it would be a nice way to say Congratulations to Jason and Hillary on their recent wedding.

The menu today was outstanding.  I could not decide what to get, so I decided on the Wagyu Rib Eye.

When I placed my order with Brandon, I said the Rib Eye, rare.  Brandon just looked at me and said “You know you’ll get it cooked the way we want it, right?”.  I smiled, and said “I’m sure it’ll be perfect”.

While eating my lunch, I kept looking at all the food coming out of the kitchen.  I was almost full, but still craved one more item.  Should I get the cockles?  The trout?  or the bucatini?  I was too full for a pound of cockles, so I opted for the bucatini. It was perfectly cooked, and had a slight kick to the sauce.  My eyes were bigger than my stomach, and I only was able to consume half a bowl.  It was still worth it.

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